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April-June 2018

15 June 2018

What up bloggy blog? Time is FLYING by here! Zoey is almost a year old! She has 2 teeth and is crawling everywhere. She had surgery to remove the rest of her birthmark/mole in April, and it went well. Lyla and Ryan have both been talking so much more lately. I love it. Lyla could easily be potty trained by now. She's ready, she's done it before, but back when Zoey was in the hospital, she had some regression. I could've stopped it, but I didn't. It was super hard having her in underwear and Ryan in diapers. It was so much easier to just change them both at the same time and not have to worry about remembering when the last time the other one used the bathroom or would need to go again. I put her back in diapers, because it was easier for ME. We'll probably try again sometime this summer. Kyler completed FIRST grade! So proud of him. Jared's job with his new position at work is going well, and my work with ALVABABY is just the same old thing. It's FINALLY warm in Utah and we are lovvvving it!

March 2018

16 April 2018

I've been working on the post for so long, but just never got around to finishing it. Until tonight. I finished. and then I clicked on "post" and it didn't work. So I clicked "Save" 3 times just to be sure, before closing the tab and re-opening it, and the entire post is nowhere to be found now. ugh! So my patience is gone and I'm just going to do this really quick to be done with it. 

Look at these cute kids! And Jared in the background making them all laugh by pretending to fall of the porch is pretty adorable. I love our family. 

My mother in-law's memory is getting worse, she's starting to not recognize us anymore :(. But even though her memory is gone, she's still so, so sweet. This day she kept telling Zoey she was a handsome boy! In her defense, she didn't have a hair bow on that day.

I bought the girls matching swimsuits for this summer, but when Lyla saw them she thought that meant we were going to the pool right then and there, and kept BEGGING us to take her. So we did! That day happened to be the best snow day too, so we also took the kids sledding in the afternoon on that same day.

I have some really good friends here. I don't know what I'd do without them!

I finally got my hair cut and highlighted. My BIL's girlfriend did it. I love it! 

Love my Ky Guy!

 Zoey has her next surgery in 2 weeks!

So many fun playdates in march!

Cute cousins modeling for ALVABABY

 These two brothers butt heads (a lot) but when they do get along, it's the sweetest thing.

We had a few warm days here and there, but it has still been so cold here lately!

Lyla is OBSESSED with Zoey…STILL. She loves her so much, and is always trying to hold her and feed her things.

I've been trying to do a better job at snapping a pic of the kids before church!
 Zoey has been army crawling for a while, but she recently started crawling on her hands and knees (At almost 10 months).

We drove to California for my nieces baptism at the end of March, and my parents were there too. It was nice to spend time with family and enjoy that warm sun.

They played with makeup while us mamas worked out.

 We recently took Bauer to the vet for what we thought was just a sore in his mouth, but the vet told us it's actually a tumor. We don't know for sure if it is cancerous or not, but most oral tumors in dogs are :(.

I guess I'll continue on to APRIL 1st because I have all of the pictures from that day already on my laptop.
Easter fell on April Fools and General Conference this year.

Zoey hadn't been feeling too well the few days leading up to Easter, and her fever got scary high that day, so we took her in to insta care to be checked out…Ear infection! Poor babe needs a 1st Easter re-do.

We had Easter dinner at Ben and Mere's with my aunt and cousins.

Our LoveSac Sactional finally came… its so big and comfy!

Ryan wasn't in the mood for a picture haha, but I love these kids!