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June-October 2019

02 November 2019

Near the end of June, we headed down to St. George for our annual Schrammily Reunion. The kids loved seeing all of their cousins and staying in the same big house. The place we stayed at had an awesome pool for the kids. We went on hikes, went to Tuachan theater and saw The Little Mermaid, and Schramma did her teddy bears picnic which is always a hit with the kids. 

We came home and on the 4th of July, Bruce helped Jared work on the basement and we all saw fireworks together. Cousin Carolyn and her girls came up for a visit from AZ, we went to the farm and city creek together. We went up to the Cabin and enjoyed a weekend alone with just our family, and several weekends with all of the Antczaks as well. We got some pictures back from Mark’s wedding so I will also post some of those here. Most summer days we spent the morning at Lifetime fitness. They have an awesome kids club, and we went to the pool many times after I worked out. Also, the kids took swim lessons there, and the twins learned how to swim without floats! They aren’t great at it yet, but they are learning. We also went to our neighborhood pool with friends a lot and took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent most days at different parks!

In August, Jared and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in Hawaii! It was incredible. My parents stayed with our kids, and we were able to enjoy a whole week kid free in paradise. We rode jet skis and Jared went jet packing. We went zip-lining for several hours with awesome views, drove around my old stomping grounds at BYU-Hawaii and walked around the Laie temple grounds. We went snorkeling, and swam out to Chinamans hat island and then climbed to the top— it had the most incredible views this was probably my most favorite part of the trip (although hiking was quite painful for my toe which got infected :( I sliced it open before the trip and hiking and swimming in the ocean just kept opening it back up.) We watched some beautiful sunsets and ate delicious food in Honolulu. At pearl Harbor Jared set is wallet down and over a hundred cash was stolen out of it. We rented the cutest little convertible and loved taking in all of the breathtaking views of OAHU. We also went to the Dole plantation and had the best dole whip of our lives. Then we flew to Maui for more adventuring. This was both mine and Jared’s first time in Maui. I loved how empty it was. Oahu was very touristy and crowed (but there was also so much more to do). Maui was low key hanging out. We went to the Maui dragon fruit farm (which is on the desert side of the island) it wasn’t as pretty as I was expecting. We saw a lot of lava fields which were cool! The beaches were SO pretty and the sand was so unique… it felt like we were walking on soft squishy sponges and it didn’t stick to our feet! We went paddle boarding and we saw a giant sea turtle. We wanted to drive the entire “road to Hana” but we unfortunately ran out of time. We did, however, drive up part of it to a pretty waterfall. Jared jumped off of it and in the process, his apple watch slipped off his wrist never to be found again :(. Then we drove up in the mountains to a cute little farm and went horseback riding for a few hours. The views from up there were stunning! Jared’s horse’s name was Chewy and my horse’s name was Spirit. This was probably my favorite adventure on Maui. Then we headed straight to the airport and at home were greeted by a welcome home party put on by our kids + my parents. It was a great trip. 
Soon after we got home from Hawaii, school started! Kyler is now in 3rd grade. His teacher’s name is Ms. Green. The twins are in Pre-K! They go to speech therapy at Kyler’s school on Tues/Thurs (ms bennett) and then they go to a private preschool (ms cassie) on MWF with their little friends. I have been loving my mornings with just Zoey at home! I get a lot of cleaning/errands run and life is just a lot easier in the mornings. Afternoons are a different story though haha. The twins rarely nap anymore and get so cranky after waking up early to go to school, and it's hard for me to get my work with ALVABABY done. We are still adjusting to that. 

In September I turned 31! I worked out with one of my besties and Jared took me to see Cinderella at the Hale Center theater. Kyler has been playing on a soccer team this season and he loves it! Their team has lost every game so far this season haha but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. Lyla got her first haircut ever, and we went to a lake with JD+Savannah family.

During October our household got hit with the plague….cellulitis, strep throat, UTI, and pink eye. (and then don’t get me started on Tucker’s stomach sickness that lasted an entire week). For fall break, we went to St. George to visit my parents for a few days. For Halloween this year Kyler was flash, Ryan was a ninja, Lyla was a unicorn and Zoey was a donut. Life is busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Still can't believe she fell asleep sitting up on the couch…miracle because Tucker had tummy issues that day and I had major cleaning to do) 

Ryan: I stayed up all night trying to catch the monster! He keeps taking my socks off!