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Jan-Feb 2018

18 February 2018

With Zoey being sick in the hospital at the end of January, things have been chaotic and blogging has slipped my mind!
But let's start at the beginning of January. We spent New Year's eve with Jared's side of the fam. Lyla got so tired and fell asleep on the stairs around 10 pm.

Jared had a few extra days off of work, and one warm afternoon we went on a walk and skipped rocks on a few leftover icy spots on our neighborhood lake. 

Zoey finally started eating real baby food!

With Zoey having surgery, and then getting sick in the hospital, she is 8 months now and still 16 lbs~!

The twins started going to primary at church! Ryan has adjusted great, and it's a process for Lyla. They sure do make cute Sunbeams!

Kyler is so creative and has LOVED making crafts lately. Especially different things out of paper and tape!

My Grandpa passed away, and we attended his funeral in Logan, Utah.

 My mom and all of her siblings together!

We got to hang out with my parents for a few days...

 We've had such a mild winter here in Utah this year. I think it has snowed twice. This is such a sad small snowman haha:

Shortly after my parents left, Zoey got a mild cold. No fever. No cough. Just a little runny nose. But Thursday evening, we noticed she was breathing really fast, and saw some retractions. So, I took her in to our local instacare (expecting they would give her a breathing treatment and send us home) but they checked her oxygen levels and they were scary low, so they put her on oxygen and admitted us to the hospital right then and there. She struggled really hard with her breathing and ended up on a high flow oxygen machine and stayed nearly a week in the hospital! It was so sad, scary and hard seeing her sick like that in the hospital, and then juggling sick twins at home! but we had a lot of wonderful friends and family jump at the opportunity to help us and I am so thankful for them. I'm SOOOO glad she is better and things are starting to get back to normal around here!

The moment Zoey saw Kyler for the first time after being in the hospital for a week was a moment I will never forget. The way her face lit up melted my mama heart!

 They missed each other.

 Her last bottle in the hospital before we took her home!

Soon after we got home from the hospital, I noticed that Zoey's mole appears to be growing. The pictures on the left was right after surgery and the picture on the right is 6 weeks later… I had it checked out by her pediatrician, and then we moved her next appointment with her surgeon up a month!

Zoey and her church friends out on a lunch date. All born within a few weeks of each other!

Valentines Day was great! We went to Maddox with Jared's siblings, and spoiled each other with gifts too this year!

This needs documentation. Ryan peed on the potty for the first time in his life this week!! Neither of the twins are fully potty trained yet though…Lyla has had some regression.

We renewed our aquarium membership. We love that place! We brought cousin dani with us this week!

 My little "pizza monster" and swim babe :) I love these 3 year olds.

 Baby friends in cloth diapers!
 …and their big sisters :)

Lots of changes December 2017

27 December 2017

Several big things happened this month. Our twinsies turned THREE! Jared got a new job with Intermountain! Lyla got her cast off! Zoey had surgery! We celebrated Christmas! Whew, it has been a busy and crazy month.

We just celebrated with just our family for their 3rd birthday, and they loved it!

Christmas lights at temple square were awesome this year. We went early in the month on a warm day and it wasn't too crowded.

This was when Lyla got her purple cast off and her smaller pink one on.

Zoey ate her first rice cereal this month.

We had a few days this month that were frosty and foggy out…it was kind of neat!

One of the last pictures of Zoey's mole

The twins 3 year checkup. They were so well behaved. I believe Ryan was 27lbs and Lyla was 29lbs and 2 inches taller.

 We sold the entertainment center that jared re-finished because we got a new bigger tv that wouldn't fit in it.

Zoey turned 6 months old!

One of my friends, Savannah has a little girls that are close to my girls ages. So fun.

 Lyla got her final cast off! Heres to hoping we never have another broken bone in our fam!

I'm pretty sure I've already written about this on the blog, but Zoey was born with a congenital melanocytes nevus on her head. Basically, it's a mole, and because hers was large, irregular shaped, and discolored, it was at increased risk for developing melanoma. Also, with it being on top of her head, it would get maximum sun exposure, and would be hard to monitor as her hair grows over it. So, we decided it would be best to have it removed now, rather than wait until it becomes a problem later, and is harder to remove as she grows. Plus, her skin stretches and heals faster in infancy, and she already doesn't have a lot of hair, so shaving it wasn't as big of an issue now as it would've been as she got older. It's nice to have peace of mind that she won't get melanoma in that spot.

 Seeing her wake up from the anesthesia was hard on my momma heart. Her heart rate was higher than they wanted (in the 200s) but it came down within a few hours, and she has been doing great ever since.

The nurse tried to make her head wrap cute by adding bunny ears, but they looked more like bug antennas haha.

I didn't take many pictures on christmas :( but it was a good one! The new TV and wii was our main family present. Jared got an apple watch. I got a fitbit. Kyler got a Gizmo phone watch. Lyla got a baby doll crib, and Ryan got a tool kit toy. Zoey got a new blanket….then everyone got a bunch of smaller gifts…Santa was good this year!

We had Jared's family over to our house for Christmas dinner, and we got to take Zoey's head wrap off. She's the cutest bald baby!

The surgeon cut the middle of her mole out and stitched the two sides together. She will have another surgery in a few months to get the rest of it, and he will cut this scar out and replace it with a smaller one.

 We took the kids sledding the day after Christmas, and they LOVED it!

Zoey just sat and watched and smiled at us :)

 It was a warm day!