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Hey! Thanks for visiting my little blog :) 
 I'm Char and this is my little family.

You can email me at  

A few facts about me:

- I was born in Texas, raised in Georgia, went to college in Idaho (and Hawaii), we lived in North Carolina for a few years, and just recently moved to Utah.
- I'm married to my best friend, Jared. I couldn't ask for a better husband!
- We have a four year old named Kyler. He has A LOT of energy, and is obsessed with balloons. 
- I *love* the ocean! Sorry in advance for posting a million pictures every time we go to the beach.
- Our Golden Retriever is 98 lbs. He's huge, and scared of everything.
- I earned my bachelors degree in Child Development- I used to teach Pre-K, but I'm a full time stay at home mom now.
- I've always thought it would be cool to have twins--and I now we have twins (Ryan and Lyla)!
- Chick-fil-a sauce is my fav.
- I'm a Mormon.

Mine and Jared's story: Here 
Wedding pictures: Here

A timeline of pictures: 

                           August 2009-  After we were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple:

February 2010- When we got our Golden Retriever:

August 2010- When the baby bump started to show.

November 2010- Kyler was born. 7lbs 5oz 20 inches long.

February 2011- When we lived in California for a few months during Jared's internship.

January 2012- Right after our move to North Carolina

June 2013

April 2014

December 2014- the twins were born. Here they are at 3 months old: