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I want this blog to reflect my life- not only the good things and celebrations, but the trials too, and how I've overcome them.

Links to our 2 year journey:
                                         A Journey (part 1) --- A Silent Miscarriage. 
                                         A journey (part 2) --- The Dreaded Due Date.
                                         A Journey (part 3) --- Endometriosis?
                                         A Journey (part 4) --- Secondary Infertility.
                                         A Journey (part 5) --- Clomid.
                                         A journey (part 6) ---The HSG test.
                                           A Journey (part 7) --- Fertility Specialist. 
                                        A Journey (part 8) --- Femera and Ovidrel                           
                                        A Journey (part 9) ---PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)                            
                                        A Journey (part 10) ---IUI   
                                        A Journey (part 11) ---Two Week Wait Ends 
                                        A Journey (part 12) --- IUI #2 
                                        A Journey (part 13) --- BFP and Betas 
                                        A Journey (part 14) --- It's Twins! Weeks 7-13
                                        A Journey (part 15) --- Weeks 13-16
                                        A Journey (part 16) --- Gender Reveal
                                        A Journey (part 17) --- Weeks 16-20
                                        A Journey (part 18) --- Weeks 20-25
                                        A Journey (part 19) --- Weeks 25-29
                                        A Journey (part 20) --- Weeks 29-33
                                        A Journey (part 21) --- Weeks 33-36
                                        A Journey (the final chapter) ---The Twins' Birth Story- 


  1. sounds like we have a very similar story! I tried e-mailing you back but I couldnt find an email attached with your comment! :)

  2. i already read the second part of your miscarriage - very heartbreaking. i really appreciate all you said in the second post about knowing the Lord has a plan for you. you're so strong!

  3. Hey Char - I've just seen your lovely comment on my blog 365 Pearls of Wisom, it seems are journeys a very similar.. I really hope you make some head way with your fertility issues this year, I can see our first born children are of a similar age and I guess you have been trying for as long as I have. Because I suffered with secondary infertility like you I wasn't able to get any funding from our national health service for it (I live in the UK) I couldn't afford to pay privately for treatment but I have been working intensely with a fertility hypnotherapist/reflexologist and I am delighted and relieved to say that I finally got pregnant in December and am now 20 weeks pregnant with another girl, I am proof that it can happen, don't give up hope and do message me if you ever want a chat :) x x


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